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Paros sits right in the middle of the Cyclades in the Aegean Sea. It’s location means that it is not too difficult to get there once you get to Greece. Should it be your sole destination or part of a longer itinerary, it’s certainly a great choice – one of the most stunning islands in Greece. It is, without doubt, worth the effort getting there however you choose to do it. So, how do you get to Paros, what’s the easiest and fastest way?

You can get to Paros from Athens in as little as 3.5 hours by ferry. Paros has a small domestic airport, so you can fly there under an hour from Athens or Thessaloniki. Lastly, you can of course sail in from neighbouring islands, such as Naxos, Tinos and Mykonos.

How to get to Paros by Ferry

The ports of Piraeus and Rafina in Athens have daily ferry schedules to Paros. Various passenger catamarans and car and passenger ferries operate.

The fastest optionis the Seajets catamaran from Rafina which gets to Paros in 3.5 hours, via Tinos and Mykonos. This is also the most expensive option.

From Piraeus, the fastest is the Blue Star car and passenger ferries which take 4 hours without stopping and are slightly cheaper.

Getting to Paros by Plane

Paros is one of 25 Greek islands with an airport. Albeit a small one at that, catering to domestic flights only.

You can fly into Paros from Athens in less than an hour. Olympic Air, Hahn and Sky Express operate flights daily through the high season. You’ll be able to pick from various times throughout the day.

If flying from Thessaloniki, just note that flights are a little more limited. You can expect one flight a day to the island throughout the summer.

How to get to Paros from the UK

When travelling from the UK, the best way to get to Paros is to take a connecting flight through Athens. With multiple flights to the island, waiting times for a connection will generally be fine. Use google flights or skyscanner to find a flight into Athens and onwards from there.

It might be slightly more expensive than by boat, but not by a great deal. And the convenience far outweighs anything else. You don’t want to be transferring from the airport to the ferry port, especially with luggage in tow!

Some Greek islands have direct flights from London and the UK. Unfortunately Paros is not one of them. But don’t let that deter you. It is one of the best Greek islands – totally worth the effort in my opinion.

Getting to Paros from Athens

If you are looking to get to Paros from Athens (assuming you are in the City), the best option is to take a ferry from Piraeus or Rafina.

You’ll save a bit of money, especially if you are in a group, and can avoid the whole security and checking-in process at the airport.

When you factor in the time getting to the airport, checking in luggage and waiting at the gate, then it makes sense. There’s also something neat about being on the open seas in Greece in the summer. The sense of anticipation and adventure as you sail into the port is unique.

Getting to Paros from Mykonos

From Mykonos, there are a handful of daily ferries to Paros. In most cases it’s a 45-minute non-stop journey as the islands are close together and a popular combination for those visiting the Cyclades.

Ferries start from the morning and into the late afternoon. Seajets is the main operator, with a fleet of fast catamarans.

Other islands, such as Naxos, Ios and Santorini, also have daily schedules to Paros. This guide to island hopping in Greece has plenty more details of how to get around the various islands.

Map of Paros and neighbouring islands

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